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     Here in WavyBreeze we appreciate your excitement and desire to join the team and look forward to reviewing your application!
    Please be sure to check your email as we will be contacting you with our decision shortly.


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    If you didn't know already, in WavyBreeze we are all about spreading happiness into the lives of others because only TRUE happiness comes only by making others happy! :)

    With all the responsibilities we have during our day to day lives we sometimes forget to be grateful for having the things we have and being happy for who you are and for what you have that a lot of people don't have. We want to spread the awareness that having happiness is key to having a fulfilling and awesome life in ALL aspects. Most importantly having the confidence to doing what makes you happy no matter what.. 
    In WavyBreeze we encourage woman to wear any dress, jeans, leggings, swimsuits, shirts etc. and FEEL that Confidence, Self-Love, happiness and body positivity and THAT'S what we want to spread through our brand. Life's too short to not be happy so might as well... LIVE IT RIGHT! :) 
    That's why having a brand ambassador team is so important because by promoting WavyBreeze, you're helping spread the word of such an important topic people have forgotten about and one by one we can change the lives of others PLUS you will be rewarded for it with our amazing perks! How great is that?! It's hard for most people to say no because who wouldn't want to spread happiness to others!? Now that's good karma forreal ;)

    Now you're probably asking yourself "WOW SOUNDS AMAZING but hold on wait a sec... what are the perks of being part of the team?" HERE IT IS! 

    ALL of our ambassadors receive 10% commission of the sales price every time their personal code is used. Personal promo codes allow ambassadors to earn some extra cash while offering 10% discount for who ever uses it. Our top ambassadors are seriously making some cash simply by sharing their personal promo code on their social media platforms.

    In addition to receiving commissions from your personal promo code, ALL WavyBreeze ambassadors will receive EXCLUSIVE LIFE TIME discount codes on all products. You can use this code to share with your following, friends, and family! We believe you can never have too much fashion in your closet and we love our ambassadors too much to not offer amazing deals and life time discount codes. 



    Every ambassador who joins our team will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook page

    Simply wear one of our Wavy Breeze items, take a beautiful picture and you will guaranteed to be featured on our social media pages like some of our other ambassadors have done. We LOVE to see amazing pictures that represent our passion for providing excellent fashion to our wonderful fan base and we have seen AMAZING content created before and we highly encourage everyone to show their beautiful selves off and would absolutely love to see that from you! (Taking pictures of yourself with our product is completely optional though) .


    For those ambassadors that are putting the hard work to spread the WavyBreeze brand we will personally sponsor you if we see consistency and then eventually pay you weekly to wear our products PLUS send you our newest unreleased products completely free for you to try out. Even give out FREE VACATION TRIPS to those who take this seriously. We want to work with every ambassador long term and encourage everyone to give it their all. :) 

    Again we want to thank you for your interest and desire to be part of our 2000+ strong community of ambassadors who support the core values of having self confidence, self-love, and most importantly, have TRUE happiness.

    Hopefully you will be the lucky ones selected into the team! ;)